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In 2016 the MV Flying Angel visited 2,442 ships, it has visited over 11,000 ships since it started. 

Over 138,000 seafarers have visited the ship. As a result over 690,000 family members have benefited from the care provided to these men. Read below for her story.


The East Coast of the UAE is one of the largest bunker anchorages in the world with over a ships anchored off shore at any given time. Every year, over 12,500 ships carrying a host of supplies and over 200,000 seafarers anchor off the East Coast waters of the Emirates. They are representative of the ships that deliver an amazing 99.3% of all UAE imports - our everyday necessities, luxuries and comforts.

Many of the seafarers on board ships anchored here do not get the opportunity to come ashore. A large number of these vessels can be up to 18 miles out and it is too costly for the seafarers or their companies to consider shore-leave. The seafarers remain on board their ships off the coast of Fujairah and many are without the basic facilities on board that we take for granted. As a result, it is common for seafarers to go through long periods of isolation and loneliness, unable to communicate with family and friends at home.

Stephen Miller, UAE Senior Chaplain for the Mission to Seafarers, saw the effect these long periods of isolations was having on our seafarers first hand when he was continually called out to ships in the Fujairah anchorage. The MV Flying Angel is the first purpose built seafarers support vessel in the world. Created in 2006 and launched in February 2007 by HRH Prince Charles on the Dubai Creek, she goes out in to the Fujairah Anchorage everyday during daylight hours taking support and services to ships where crews cannot access port. The MV Flying Angel welcomes over 10,000+ seafarers per year on board. She offers extensive communication facilities including internet and Skype, a DVD and book library, a small convenience store, and access to welfare officers. 

The MV Flying Angel was built by Albwardy Marine in Al Jadaf, in under 10 months and at a cost of $1million. This achievement was only possible due to the generous and continued support of our kind donors which included:

Al Maktoum Foundation
The Nautical Institute
Al Bawardy
International Marine Coatings
International Transport Federation
Emirates National Bank of Dubai

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